Erin Condren Life Planner

February 26, 2014


Isn't it purrrdy? *sigh* Okay, so, the first time I read about this particular planner was on Elle Fowler's blog.
She mentioned seeing it on Kristina Braly's YouTube channel / blog so first I headed on to the Erin Condren website to check it out.

The only thing I don't like about the website is that you don't get to have a look inside the planner. I like to see what the pages looks like, how the weekly planner pages are structured, that kind of thing. And on the website you get nada.

So I watched Kristina's review video and she basically flipped through most of the planner so you could get a general idea of all the sections of the planner. She did a great review and she raved about the product - and totally sucked me in. I fell in love with it! (I might be weird, but I still love agendas / planners where you can write by hand and carry them around and decorate's a big motivator for getting me organized).

I ended up ordering the same exact one as Elle and Kristina because I also think it's the prettiest. I also really like the white and gold one but I thought it might get dirty too quickly and I would have liked to see a blush (baby pink) and gold version, but they only have a hot pink version. So turquoise for the win!


When you choose which edition and color you'd like to order, you can click on the "ready to personalize!" button. You can type in your first and last name for the customized cover, choose which month you want your planner to start with (I chose February), upload photos for your "photo stickers", customize text stickers, choose to add extra colorful stickers, add colorful markers, add an adhesive pen holder (which I did not choose) and add matching notepads. You're also able to type in any "special instructions" you may have. I wrote that I'd like to have my first name be printed in a larger, cursive font and my last name in a smaller, normal font (since it's so long, I didn't want it overpowering my first name).


Here's a look inside the planner:





For each month, you always have the monthly overview (pictured above) and then the weekly views with 7 days taking up 2 pages (pictured below). I really like how you have space on the left-hand side and  on the bottom to write notes, and how the day is separated into 3 boxes, morning, day & night. It leaves you with the freedom of writing and using the stickers however you please.




The planner comes equipped with a few pages to write notes (pictured above), some colored stickers with text and empty colored stickers (pictured below). If these are not enough, you can order the matching notepads, customized stickers and additional colored stickers like I mentioned above. I think it's fun to customize your own stickers because I'll probably never use the "game!", for example, so it's fun to have your own that are appropriate for your life.



One of the coolest customizations is the photo stickers. In Kristina's video she showed her stickers and explained that for someone's birthday, she would put a sticker of them on that date in her planner. I thought that was such a cute idea and I filled the photo sticker page with all the faces I love. You can see them in action in the GIF above (my lovely Mom and my boyfriend's cousin). I'm horrible at remembering birthdays so this is such a great idea.



The Erin Condren team included these sticker tags in the plastic pouch - just a few stickers with different designs and with my name printed on them. I'm guessing these are just some freebies to promote their gift labels.


As mentioned before, I also chose to add the extra notepads and the markers to my order. I'm so glad I did! I received two notepads which have the same turquoise design at the top and my name printed on each page at the bottom right. They have two stickers on the back so you can stick them into your planner on the inside of the back cover. This way you always have some paper, wherever you go! 

The markers also have a really cute design on them and come in a colorful box which I continue to use to store them in and they're good quality!


All in all, I really like this planner. It's cute, it's girly and it's functional. I love the layout and how the months / weeks are presented and I really enjoy the random quotes throughout the planner. As you can see I started using it right away and have been carrying it around with me every day since its arrival. They're customer service is also great, which is always a plus (the words I had typed in for my customized text stickers didn't save properly so they e-mailed me and I sent them a print screen of my text stickers, the lovely lady wrote back, listing the words and asking for me to confirm them and after that, the planner didn't take long at all to arrive).

Tell me, do you also still use hand-written organizers/planners/agendas? Have you heard of this brand before?

Until next time :)

This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought this planner with my own money.

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  1. This is the cutest! I really need a planner like this!

    1. Thanks! It really is a great planner, definitely go check them out :) And I noticed that they seem to have sales on different items pretty often, so I'd recommend signing up to their email subscription :)

  2. I need this in my life my resolution this year is to be more organised, Thanks for sharing!
    Bianca xo

    1. That's also a goal of mine and this planner definitely helps! And it's just so pretty :)

  3. This planner looks amazing! I also love planners where I can write by hand, scribble lists and doodle pictures. I tried working with a digital planner for a while but it just didn't feel "real." And hey, you're another Canadian blogger! Yay! X Jane

    1. Exactly! I'm the same way :) Before I got the planner I downloaded a PDF planner which was designed by a blogger and I couldn't even START using it - it just didn't excite me one bit. I love books, the REAL kind, and I've missed writing by hand (since I use my iPhone a lot...).
      I just read your "About" page, love your story! x

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks so much for the fab review-- we're thrilled you love your planner & EC goodies... enjoy!


    1. Thanks so much! :-) I really love the planner and I've already ordered a new one for the rest of 2014 and for 2015! I can't wait for it to get here! :)

    2. Just got my Erin Condren planner a few weeks ago and love it. Before I used this one but like the Condren planner better

  5. Loved your post! It really helped me as a learned how to use my planner for the first time. I wrote a post about my experience with the planner and highlighted your post as a reference!


    1. Hi Kim! Thanks so much for the reference :) Great blog post by the way, I'm sure it'll help others in their planner journey ;) Take care!

  6. Nice post! Love this planner 's cover. Did it cost you extra to customize your name this way?



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