Jo Totes: Fashionable Camera Bags

February 10, 2014


I discovered the Jo Totes website randomly while reading through blogs a while ago. I was in the market for a laptop bag so I checked out the website and since then I've acquired not one, but two of their lovely bags!



The first bag I purchased is the Missy Mint.It's 16" x 11 1/2" x 6 1/4" so it's perfect for a 13" Macbook or any laptop up until that size.


The inside of the bag is nice and padded and has designated "sleeves" for the laptop/iPad and camera. This was exactly what I was looking for in a laptop bag: a bag designated for carrying precious items which need to be protected.

The Missy Mint bag has two handles to use as a shoulder bag and it comes with a longer, padded cross-body strap.



The bag also comes with five adjustable pads made of foam with velcro which you can use to make sections in your bag (for example, for your camera body, your lens, and one section for random items like your wallet, keys and phone).

I love the mint shade of this faux leather, but I do have to admit that I tend not to use this bag during the winter since the color is much more appropriate for the spring and summer. My tip would be to choose a bag which is more neutral, like black or brown.



My second and more recent purchase on Jo Totes is this beautiful, Italian leather Siena bag. It's not 100% my style but that's kind of why I chose it. I think it's quite different to any bags I own and it's perfect for carrying around my new camera :)

The Siena bag is smaller than the Missy Mint, coming in at 11” x 8.25” x 5.25”. It has a short handle at the top and a detachable, padded cross-body strap.


The bag comes with two adjustable pads (also with velcro) to create personalized slots. Again with this bag, I created slots for my camera body, lens and one slot for extra's like a wallet, etc.


In the back of this bag you have a zippered compartment and in the front you have a thick, padded pocket where you can store an iPad Mini (which I don't


In the front, outer area of the bag you have a sleeve where you could store something very thin, like a small notebook or something similar. The bag is very sturdy so you can't really bend and pull these pockets too much. Lastly, the Siena bag has a zippered compartment in the back where you could easily store your smartphone or some cash.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Definitely check out Jo Totes if you're looking for a high-quality laptop or camera bag. I think this one is so cute!

*This is NOT a sponsored post.*

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  1. Will the Siena bag be able to hold a 70-200mm lens (unattached to a body) standing upright? And be able to close the bag?

    1. I don't personally own a 70-200mm lens but I checked the dimensions online. If your lens is 19.5cm long then it should fit, since the bag is about 21cm high. But unfortunately I don't own such a large lens so I can't test it out for you, sorry :(

  2. All the bags are great. I am very much into photography.I always carry my camera with myself.



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