MAC Cosmetics Haul: eye shadow, lipsticks & more!

February 19, 2014


Well, I was at the MAC counter again...twice *shameonme* but I did get a few gorgeous items and have already used most of them!


First up: luscious lips. I had read a few great reviews online about the MAC Prep + Prime lip base which is supposed to smooth and refine your lips and prepare them for your lipstick/lip gloss. 


The texture is definitely similar to a light-moisturizing lip balm but I've only used it once so far so I'll have to give this product a few more go's before I can really say anything about it.


I initially went to the MAC counter searching for the Peach Blossom lipstick after seeing it on Anna's lips. But they were sold out! Bummer.

I asked one of the sales ladies to show me a few lipsticks which are similar to Peach Blossom and she pulled out Crème Cup (pictured above) and Patisserie (pictured below).



The Peach Blossom shade is definitely in between these two shades (and I'm still going to find it one day) but for now I really love both of these lipsticks. Crème Cup (swatch on top) is definitely more pink than I'd usually go for but still totally wearable and just a tiny step out of my comfort zone.

Patisserie is the perfect nude, my-lips-but-better shade for me. It enhances my lips without turning them too pink/too beige/too brown/too anything. And I can wear it with basically all of my eye makeup looks - #winning.



I also purchased my first ever lip pencil (or first ever lip liner in general) in the shade Soar. It's perfect to use with Patisserie (see it in the swatch image above) but I intend on using this with most of my lipsticks which are in the pinky-nude shade range.

Next up: eye shadow!


I already own about 12 MAC eye shadows (see some of them HERE) but when I watched this video by MakeupbyTiffanyD I fell in love with that look and needed - yes needed - to buy a few of the eye shadows she used. I used three out of these four shadows last Sunday and I loved how my eye makeup came out. I'm so mad at myself that I didn't take a picture! We were out and about the whole day and evening so I didn't really get the chance. But I'm definitely going to re-create the look and do a blog post on it soon :)

l-r: club, print, folie, jest


This is club, a duo-chrome greenish red-brown shade. As you can see in the swatch below, it's definitely more brown/bronze than green so it's very wearable. I have yet to try this shadow.



Print is a muted grey with shimmer and what I really like about this grey is that it doesn't have any trace of blue in it (which I have found in many other grey shadows).



Folie is described as a reddish-plum brown and as you can see above, it swatched pretty badly on my hand for some reason but it's a beautiful shade to use in your crease and on the lower lash line.



Jest is a frost shadow and it's a soft peach shade with "icy shimmer". I usually don't look so good with such frosty/icy shades on my lid but this one really looked fantastic paired with darker shades in the crease and outer third of the lid (I'm telling you, stay tuned for the eye makeup look, it's gorgeous!).

l-r: club, print, jolie, jest


Last but not least, I picked up two new MAC brushes, the 224 tapered blending brush and the 217 blending brush. I already own one 217 and wanted to pick up an additional one so that I have a clean 217 brush when doing looks with several eye shadow shades. The 224 is new to me but I own a similar Sigma brush (the E40 tapered blending brush) and I wanted a second one of those but since I can't buy Sigma products anywhere near me I decided to try out the 224 from MAC.

I like to use the E40 tapered blending brush for my transition shade in the crease (which is usually Naked by Urban Decay or some sort of light brown shade) and then I use the 217 blending brush for the more concentrated, darker shade in the crease.

I hope you enjoyed my MAC haul :)

Do you use any of these products? How are you liking them?

This is NOT a sponsored post and doesn't contain any affiliate links. I purchased the products with my own money.

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  1. "Club" looks awesome. I haven't shopped at MAC in awhile, but it looks like I need to venture that way, stat!

    26 and Not Counting

    1. Ya, Club is definitely a pretty interesting shade. I think I'll try it out tomorrow for work, just a sweep of it across the whole lid with some blending. But after wearing the other three shadows all day on Sunday and looking in the mirror in the evening I was amazed at how well the shadows stayed put and didn't blend together at all. MAC products, especially the eye shadows, really are high quality!

  2. Is the lip primer ACTUALLY worth the money? I mean, chapstick, right? Everything else looks sooo gorgeous, but I'm still up in the air about that one.

    1. To tell you the truth, I'm right there with ya! I definitely need to have a trial run with this primer. Maybe I'll do some type of post about it, trying it out over a longer period of time. I'm very intrigued but there seem to be some mixed reviews so I'm really curious. I'll definitely let you know!

  3. Great haul!! I've been wanting to add to my MAC eyeshadow collection. Club and Jest look gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Lupe! Ya, I feel that urge to add to my collection ALL the time haha... I think I might have to purchase a larger palette soon. I love Club and Jest, especially combined together into one look, they compliment each other so nicely.

  4. Those lip colors are so, so pretty and perfect for Spring!

    1. You're right, they ARE perfect for spring! :) If spring would just hurry up and get here already ;) I just love how these colors are so wearable for every day.

  5. Club and Jest are gorgeous eyeshadow shades, Mac eyeshadows always get me :)
    xxx Claire

    1. They are! Although, I do have to say, that I didn't like Club on my lid as much...that green/blue shine doesn't look too great on me, unfortunately. But ya, MAC shadows are just the best. I'll probably need to get a huge palette soon to fit all the ones I have and want haha!

  6. Love the purchases! I'm a big fan of brown eyeshadows that MAC has and love those lipsticks.
    Please feel free to check out my mini MAC haul post and reviews :) Thank you

  7. MAC lippies are creamy as always! :D
    ~Pauline @ MAC Philippines



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