Makeup Haul: MAC Cosmetics & L'Oréal

March 25, 2014


Today I've got a haul for ya'll! (I'm a poet, I know...)

A few weeks ago a picked up a few bits from MAC Cosmetics and L'Oréal and I've really been loving these products so I thought it'd share!


I've been using MAC face products lately and quite liking them (liquid foundation and powder). I used to use MAC foundation ages ago and have turned back to it because it really is that good. I use the shade NW20 and I also use face powder in the same shade. I can get oily throughout the day so instead of powdering my face with a tinted powder I decided to purchase the MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. This "clear" powder reduces shine and is suitable for all skin tones. It works great! You can powder your face throughout the day without your makeup getting all cakey.


At some point I had read online that MAC was bringing back their infamous blush Stereo Rose, a Mineralize Skinfinish which was all the rage. It's a gorgeous coral shade with golden/bronze shimmer. Since I have really light skin I have to use this with a light hand but it really does look beautiful and stays put!

(It barely showed up in this!)


I've really gotten into using colorful eyeliner lately so I purchased two more shades from MAC. I picked up the Eye Kohl in Minted (pictured above on top), which is a "vibrant mint green with pearl" and the Powerpoint Eye Pencil in So There Jade (pictured above in the middle), which is a "light green jade". So far, I definitely prefer Minted since it's darker and more of an emerald shade. I really like layering Minted with my Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Undercurrent, which is a tiny bit darker and has some glitter in it (you can see swatches in my makeup look HERE).

I've loved L'Oréal Infallible eye shadows for a long time. Sahara Treasure is a staple in my (almost) daily makeup routine! I spotted Hourglass Beige and thought it's such a pretty shadow. I'd say it's basically a lighter shade of Sahara Treasure. These shadows are seriously incredible - they stay put ALL DAY and don't crease at all! And the metallic shimmer stays put as well. Perfect for a long day of work.


Last but not least, I was in need of a new mascara and decided to go for a cheaper option since I've been using various high-end mascaras lately. I chose L'Oréal Mega Volume Collagene Black Smoke mascara and I love it! It thickens up my lashes just like I like 'em and it doesn't fall all over my cheeks throughout the day. Big thumbs up from me, I use it every day!


And this, my friends, is our charming yorkie Bentley. As you can see, he loves posing for pictures ;)

Hope you enjoyed this haul!

Have you tried out any affordable makeup products lately? Do share :)

This is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Replies
    1. Ohh ya, it is! But I have to be careful since I seem to go a bit heavy-handed with it haha...xx

  2. Bentley is so cute! Great haul! The L'oreal shadow looks gorgeous!!

  3. These products look so gorgeous! I really want to try these Loreal eyeshadows, ive heard so much about them! xx



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