My New Bag by JUMP

March 17, 2014


This, my friends, is my lovely new bag by the brand JUMP.

This is a French brand and they've been around for a long while. They started making luggage in 1979 and they're goal is to create harmony between aesthetics and utility.


I was looking for a new, functional bag because - I'm starting college in the fall! Yay!

I signed up to start my Bachelor's degree in September and recently received my letter of acceptance so I decided to treat myself to a functional and stylish bag which I'll use to lug around my school supplies and books.

I really like the look of Longchamp bags, which are very popular here in Switzerland. But, they're hella expensive (around 400.- for a larger bag) and in the end, they're made with a simple canvas material. 


I coincidentally spotted this bag while walking around a high-end department store, Globus, here in Switzerland. They only had one bag in this color and it just stood out to me. The look of this bag reminds me of the Longchamp label but this bag "only" cost 129.- so I had to have it.


This is JUMP's small duffle bag in the color "brique" (rust) which is a beautiful coral shade. The handles are made out of calfskin and the bag itself is made out of polyester which is coated with polysuede. The inside of the duffle is also polyester.


The short handles are perfect to carry in your hand or in your "elbow crease" and the bag also comes with a long adjustable strap so you can wear the bag on your shoulder. Since I'll be using this bag for school, the shoulder strap will be important if the bag ever gets too heavy.


Since this is considered luggage and is made for travel, the back of the bag has a pouch which is open on top and bottom so you can slide the bag onto the retractable handle of a suitcase. You can keep your passport and any important documents in the zippered pouch so they're closest to you when you're pulling your suitcase at the airport.


The inside of the bag is very spacious, perfect for me who carries their whole household with them. I love having something to read in the train, having my agenda and notebook with me, along with all the other necessities like my wallet, keys, makeup bag, etc.


The interior, polyester lining of the bag is gorgeous. JUMP used their "world map" lining and I love it. It looks quite vintage-y and fits the theme of travelling spot-on. The inside of the bag also has two zippered pockets which are very large so you can store basically anything separate from the rest of the content of your bag.



Something I really love about the bag is the texture of the "polysuede". It makes the bag look like leather and more sophisticated. 

I've already used this bag for a few days and I love it. I can't wait to use it for school. 

Wish me luck for starting my degree! I'm nervous but SO ready :)

Do you guys have a favorite type of bag? Can you recommend any tote bags?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased this item myself. 

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  1. This is a very nice bag! I love the color and shape of it, you can fit a lot there. I just found your blog via instagram and I'm so glad I did, I really like it. New follower here :)

    1. I also really love the shape of it. Books and my laptop fit in there perfectly :)
      Yay thank you! I'm always happy to meet new people on my blog! Welcome :) I just checked out your blog and really like it as well! I love the gold touches in your blog design, so chic!



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