Tour of my MAC Eye Shadow Palette

March 04, 2014


After reading through Anna's post about her MAC palette two days ago, I thought I'd share my palette on here since I love seeing other people's self-made palettes and getting inspired by them. Usually these DIY-palettes are full of wearable, every day eye shadows which makes these compilations much more realistic than palettes put together by makeup brands.


The four shadows I have placed outside of my palette (which I haven't de-potted yet since there's no space left in my palette, boo...) are the newest additions to my collection and I talk about them more in-depth in THIS POST and use three of them in an eye makeup look in THIS POST.

Left t-b: Print (satin), Folie (satin)
Right t-b: Jest (frost), Club (satin)



Charcoal Brown (matte), Coquette (satin) and Wedge (matte) are wonderful shades for blending into your crease. I use Wedge the most often, but when I want more of a contrast between the crease and lid, I'll use Charcoal Brown or Coquette depending on my lid color.

Tempting (lustre), Woodwinked (veluxe pearl) and Patina (frost) are all beautiful, neutral bronzey shades. You can basically swish either of these across your lid, little bit of blending in the crease and you're good to go. Tempting is a "rich coco", Woodwinked is a "warm antique gold" and Patina is a "taupe brown with golden pearl". I do have to say, though, that Patina doesn't show up too well on my lid. It's quite a light shade. But Tempting and Woodwinked are both gorgeous.

All That Glitters (veluxe pearl) and Naked Lunch (frost) are quite similar, but All That Glitters is a rosier shade. Officially it's a "beige with gold pearl" but I find it comes out very rosey on the lid. Naked Lunch is a "minimal pink with shimmer" which is funny, since I find that All That Glitters has more pink in it. Naked Lunch is definitely a lighter shade though and both are gorgeous on the lid.
I love pairing either of these with Satin Taupe (frost) or Twinks (veluxe pearl) in the crease. So pretty! Satin Taupe is a "taupe with silver shimmer" and Twinks is a "deep plum with pearl". I love both of these shades in the crease paired with much lighter shades on the lid, so that the taupe or plum shade really pops. Honey Lust (lustre) is also a really pretty shimmery shade to use on the lid. Even the description sounds gorgeous, a "bronze-dipped peach". I would pair this with a matte crease shade.

Sable (frost) is one of those shades that you can basically use all on its own. It's a "gold-plum with bronze pearl" and looks great all over the lid and slightly blended into the crease. This is a perfect shade to use when you're looking for something neutral and easy if you're in a rush.

Star Violet (veluxe pearl) is a "pinky-brown plum" and I have to admit, I haven't experimented enough with this one. When I bought it I had officially been on the search for Cranberry but the MAC counter was sold out and the sales lady recommended Star Violet instead, claiming it's easier to use than Cranberry.

Last but not least, Vanilla (velvet) is a "peachy-ivory with reflects" and perfect for highlighting underneath the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes.


The palette I use to store my MAC eye shadows is from Makeup Geek. I unfortunately can't find this exact same palette on their site but they have quite a few to choose from. The palettes come equipped with small magnets which you stick to your eye shadow pans.

Hope you enjoyed this tour of my MAC palette!

Do you own any MAC shadows? Which ones would you recommend are a must-have?

This is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This post is awesome! these colours are fantastic, I'll definitely have to invest in this soon. I think my favourite was the patina colour. You have a wonderful blog. I'm following you now on bloglovin', can't wait to see more :)

    x leah symonne x

    1. Thanks so much Leah!! Ya, MAC eye shadows are a bit of an investment but they last a looong time and they're such good quality. I'll definitely check out your blog now :) Have a great day! x

  2. Naked Lunch and Wedge definitely look up my street. I'm currently obsessed with Satin Taupe and Nylon, though I would love to add Blanc Type to my collection ;)
    xxx Claire

    1. Oh, Nylon looks gorgeous! (just looked it up) I need to swatch it next time I'm at the counter. Blanc Type looks like a really good matte neutral to have in one's collection, I'll need to check that one out too :) What do you like to pair Satin Taupe with? Or do you use it alone on the lid? xx



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