Makeup Haul: Chanel, MAC and more!

July 14, 2014

So, I recently stepped into Manor (a department store in Switzerland) with the sole plan of picking up the Chanel bronzer. Well, as fate would have it, the MAC counter is right behind the Chanel counter and I naturally gravitated over to check out some products. And the rest is history, obviously....

I've heard quite a bit about the Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base. It's a cream/mousse formula so that's why I've been afraid of it for a while. But now, for the summer, I thought I'd dive in and try it out. Chanel describes the finish as "velvety" and the formula as a "light cream-gel". You can use this all over your face before applying your foundation for a tanned look, or use it as a bronzer on your temples/on your cheeks for a sun-kissed, sculpted look.

So far, the only thing that disappointed me a little bit, was that it has some fine shimmer/sparkles in it. I didn't expect that - for some reason I thought it was matte. But, since its purpose is to fake a sun-kissed look, I suppose some sparkle doesn't hurt. It does look beautiful in the sunlight.

Since the consistency of this bronzer is quite different, I decided on buying a new brush to use it with. I chose quite a stiff, firm brush with synthetic bristles so the cream-like consistency of the bronzer doesn't get stuck in the bristles. This Barbara Hofmann brush does the job quite well. I also like the look of it with its wooden handle.

And now for the MAC purchases, oh dear...

First, I checked out the new products and happened to fall upon the new Moody Blooms collection. The first two products to stick out to me where these Fluidlines.

On the left: Black Ivy, a "blackened green plum" shade.
On the right: Copperthorn, a "glittery bronze".

They're both gorgeous products. I plan to use the Black Ivy as liner or as an accent on my eyes and Copperthorn on my whole eye lid or as an accent on my lower or upper lash line as well. Something which caught me a bit off-guard was that the Copperthorn fluidline is quite wet, which makes the application a bit annoying since the sparkles move around. I had to "dab" the product on, instead of "smoothing" it on with my finger. It's still gorgeous though!

Keeping with the Moody Blooms theme, I also chose to purchase the MAC satin eye shadow Green Room which is described as a "midtone teal". On the picture above it came out a bit more vibrant than it is in real life. I thought it was be perfect to layer on top of the Black Ivy fluidline on the bottom lash line, for example. I'm excited to try this.

I also picked up the MAC velvet eye shadow in Mulch, a "red-brown with bronze pearl", which is a beautiful, smokey neutral to wear on the lid.

I've mentioned this mascara before but since this is about the third time I've re-purchased it, I decided it deserved an honorable mention. It's the L'Oréal Mega Volume Collagene 24h Black Smoke mascara and it just works. You can build it up without fall-out, it volumizes and lengthens and it's very black. And mind you, my lashes are very thin and basically invisible, so I'm sure this mascara could work wonders for you as well :)

With my Chanel purchase I received a few little samples to take home with me and check out this teeny-tiny powder compact! It's absolutely precious - with a mirror and everything! I'm very familiar with the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder (I spoke about it in THIS POST) and the kind saleslady gave me the shade N.40 (instead of my usual N. 20) to try out for the summer with a tan.

I hope you enjoyed my haul! Have you tried out the Chanel bronzer or any of the products from the MAC Moody Blooms collection?

*This is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.*

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  1. I was also thinking about getting the Chanel Bronzer but I have then decided I rather prefer a powder bronzer in the store. So I bought the Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder.
    Huh, I also bought some goodies from Mac ;) I just love their products.
    The tiny Chanel powder is gorgeous!

    1. Hi Luisa! Ya, I've always preferred powder but only because I was always scared of using creams so I'm giving this one a shot :) I think the next makeup look I post on here will be using that bronzer ;-) How are you liking the Guerlain one??

    2. That would be great :)
      I'm maybe getting the cream bronzer from Bourjois first as it's cheaper. I may switch to Chanel when I like it :)
      I really like it as it light enough for my fair skin. And it smells great :)

  2. I've been looking for a new brand of mascara, and I'll definitely try this one out! Thanks for the recommendation! X Jane

    1. No problem! :) I really do think this one is a winner, but everyone is different so I hope it works out for you :) xx



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