YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

July 07, 2014


In April 2014 YSL released this line of Babydoll Kiss & Blush products which are meant for your lips as well as your cheeks. What definitely intrigued me was the consistency of this product, so I decided on purchasing two shades.


On the left is #9 Rose Epicurien, a very pretty light pink shade. And on the right we have #12 Moca Garconne, a neutral beige shade with a pinky base.


These are described as "air-whipped, two-in-one mousse formula for lips and cheeks" and they definitely have a matte finish. Because of the matte finish, they don't look great on my lips when they're a bit chapped but otherwise I really like the look of these products. And you can definitely add some lip gloss for a shinier, livelier finish.



I'm very much a fan of the doe-foot applicator. It makes things way easier. 

From looking at some swatches online, there are some shades which are more pigmented and stronger. I, of course, went for more neutral, less in-your-face shades which I can wear on a daily basis.

I haven't ventured into using them on my cheeks yet. I've always been quite afraid of mousse, liquid or cream blushes. But I'll surely try out the pink shade on my cheeks - wish me luck haha...

Have you tried these new products form YSL? What do you think?

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  1. Both are so gorgeous! I love YSL packaging and products x

    Angela The Sunday Chapter



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